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Welcome to my personal website. Here you can find some of my online projects (more or less in the order they were created) as well as contact information, previous occupations and links to other websites I like.

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Blog (since 2011)

There are great reasons besides being an evangelist or gifted writer to start your own blog. Writing practice is one of them, and a good reason at that. So I decided to write about my hobbies every now and then.

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Auth0 and Angular (2018)

I've been using the angular-oauth2-oidc library a lot in recent months. In addition, I was interested how it would work together with Auth0. So I wrote an extensive tutorial on how to combine Auth0 and Angular.

Check out the tutorial repository on GitHub.

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Implicit Flow Dojo (2018)

Working a lot with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect recently, I gave (and authored the material for) a short coding dojo.

Check out the Dojo's GitHub repository.

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Angular OAuth2 and OIDC (2018)

In addition to using the angular-oauth2-oidc library, I've also been contributing quite a bit. Most notably, I've created an extensive example repository, showing how you could properly use the library in Angular.

Check out the sample repository on GitHub.

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.NET Core Dojo (2018)

We organized a coding Dojo with Infi. I wrote (most of) the course material, which can be freely found on GitHub. It focuses on a cross-OS and cross-editor experience.

Check out the GitHub repo for the Dojo, or read the (Dutch) blogposts (part 1, part 2, part 3).

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Advent of Code Charts Chrome Extension (2017)

I wanted additional stats and visualizations for the Advent of Code leaderboards. So I went ahead and created (with a lot of hacking around) an extension for Google Chrome.

Check out the source code or download the Chrome extension.

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Advent of Code 2017 edition (2017)

This is the first year I competed in Advent of Code. My solutions are available online, written in (modern-ish) JavaScript. Heavy spoiler alert of course.

Check out my AoC 2017 solutions on GitHub.

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Nimator (~2016)

Partially to practice my development "knife skills", partially to be run in production: a light-weight C# monitoring framework.

See the GitHub repo for details and more links.

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Front-End Framework Extravaganza (2015)

During the Fronteers 2015 "Jam Sessions" attendees could do Lightning Talks, so I had the opportunity to shortly speak about Front-End Frameworks. The result of my research can be found online.

See the for a further description, the actual overview, and a demo.

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DotaGrid (~2016)

A friend pointed me to for customizing your hero grid in the game Dota 2. At that time however, that site was broken due to Dota2 updates. So, with pragmatics over (all too) clean code I threw together my own tool to do so.

Check my blog post about wrapping this project up.

See the GitHub repository, view a Live Demo, or check what Redditors said.

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BattleTop (~2013)

Disappointed with the Android apps for keeping initiative in Table Top RPG games, I decided to roll my own (see my blog post about the beta release). It's open source, so have a look and contribute or fork if you feel like it.

Check my blog post about wrapping this project up.

GitHub repository or view a Live Demo

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Bieb (2014 ~ 2015)

A small open source project, run with friends. The project is our own private public sandbox for ASP.NET MVC and related technologies. Ultimately it's going to find life as a full website.

GitHub repository...

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Dishwasher Fish (2012)

Recently I've enjoyed testing the various stack exchange sites. The top question on Cooking SE was: Is it possible to cook a fish in a dishwasher? So I decided to try it for myself.

Yes, it's possible...

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Timeline (~2012)

My (as of yet unfinished) project to create high-level views of various timelines in a website. The main purpose of this project: experimentation with html5reset and the Raphaël JavaScript SVG library.

Check my blog post about wrapping this project up.

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Interactive YouTube Machinema (2011)

Technically part of the Kirathelguy blogspot project (see below), but in reality a project in itself. You get to play the hero of this Machinema, and choose your own adventure. Created with Sony Vegas and YouTube's annotation system.

Start your adventure now!

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Machinema & Comic Blog (2010 - 2011)

A project to work a bit on my Photoshop and Sony Vegas video-editing skills. The blog alternates between machinema videos and web comics. The content comes from the ever-addictive World of Warcraft.

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Business Rules Paper (2007)

A short two page submission for BNAIC 2007 on business rules standards and tools supporting them. Written while working at RuleArts, where we were creating such software.

Download the PDF (55 KB)

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Diplomacy maps (~2007)

One of my favorite games: Diplomacy. All the maps that were around weren't to my liking. In other words: a great oppurtunity to test Paint.NET's layer capabilities.

The maps are available on separate site

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Qui Hamor (~2007)

This is a full-blown RPG setting for D20 fantasy. It consists of a 100 page manual on races, geography, religion, and history of the world. It comes with a complete Atlas with various world maps, and is available under the Open Game license.

Manual & Atlas available on separate site

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Master's Thesis (2006)

The text of my Master's Thesis is available online. The subject: using a Multi-Agent System (MAS) to do research on organisation psychology. The experiments were done using the Repast modeling toolkit.

Download the PDF (613 KB)